Data Crawling is the new differentiator. Data has relied upon a lot of people across various industries. There are a lot of researchers, students, executives and competitors interested in various forms of data.

Data Crawling helps companies predict their future. They help the top decision-makers of the company to predict and strategize accordingly to their competitors. Data used in many ways, the specialty of the data crawled by the companies stored in suitable formats that are easy for the companies to interpret.

8 Ways Data And Web Crawling Will Help Predict The Future:

1. Data Crawling and Web Scraping Applications in Retail Manufacturing:

Data helps the retail industry predict and strategize the future of its companies accordingly. It has become an integral part of data scientists and other large organizations which use large amounts of data to predict and strategize their options and price their products strategically.

Competitor Price Mapping is an important aspect followed by a lot of organizations to keep a close track of their competitors. The records kept manually to track the prices that are viable and not viable.

This is where data crawling comes in and it helps and automates the process of extracting all the prices of the competitors in one place. Monitoring MAP compliance also is an important aspect of crawling and web scraping.

Web Scraping

2. Web Scraping Applications in Equity and Financial Research:

This is a relatively vast field of technology where it is easy in the field of finance, insurance, and other industries. While a lot of market data is available on the internet but scattered across various websites.

Insurance has become a growing trend in modern-day technology. But it is not entirely possible to leverage such data. This data cannot be manually copied or stored.


3. Web Scraping and Data Crawling Applications in Data Science:

Real-Time Analytics is something used by all organizations. This means that the data analyzed right after it has made available to the general public.  The data processed by real-time analytics is fast and done without having any delays in the system.

Financial Institutions use real-time data to check the credit score of their customers regularly and it helps them make informed and detailed decisions regarding the same.

Real-time data analytics has taken over all the manually performed functions done by a lot of organizations. The rising importance of real-time data is largely due to web scraping and data crawling.

Data Science

4. Data Crawling and Web Scraping Application in Risk Management:

There is always the factor of risks in every business that is being done today. With the help of modern technology and strategies, it has become easier to detect and identify various levels of risks that occur daily.

Risks cannot be carried on without any proper risk management strategies available in the place. Therefore all organizations have started running background checks on employees, clients, vendors, partners, and customers. Background checks happen on different levels and once all the criteria passed by the individual only then the organization comes on board the same.


5. Web Scraping Applications in Product, Sales, And Marketing:

Data is currently driving these departments. Data has become a very essential part of marketing and sales campaigns in all organizations. Before marketers and sales teams start a campaign they keep a regular check on the data that is being collected and updated regularly. However, the accessibility to the data is what differentiates the people in the organization.


6. Content Marketing: 

Content is King. Different types of content and unique content are well appreciated by the public. Content has to be engaging and colorful to the eyes of the customers, clients, and public who see the content on different social media forums.


7. Lead Generation In Organizations:

Lead Generation is an important factor in any organization. Revenue runs on the leads generated. Data helps companies and organizations identify and quantify the leads that have generated by the various campaigns that have run.


8. Reputation Monitoring and News:

Web scraping comes in handy during this step. It helps scrape news and various other information from different websites across the globe. Web scraping is integral and to the process, as it allows for quick and efficient extraction of data. This extracted data is clean and in a suitable format.



Data is a very integral part of organizations. They help them predict the future and also help them strategize and price their products comparatively. This helps them make informed decisions on the company’s progress and make strategical moves in order to their competition.

Data as a service provided by very few in the country. Data extracted by the crawlers are in a suitable format. We at PromptCloud, offer ready to use datasets & help in the crawling and customization of custom crawlers which extract, and share in a suitable format according to the needs of the customer. 

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