Is Data The New Oil?

Data is an important factor in today’s modern technological world. In the 21st century, data is more valuable than gold. Data is everywhere, it runs your business, it is in industries and many more. Used for analysis and research purposes data provides valuable insights. Ready To Use datasets needed regularly and highly by different people across the world. Is Data the new oil? Let’s find out. 


Like oil, for all of them who see Data’s basic value, they learn to extract and use the data for different purposes. We are in an economy where data is more valuable than gold and any other precious jewel. It is the key to smoother functioning of everything from different industries and categories to sectors across businesses privately as well as governments. Without data, the progress of evolution in the field of economics and growth will come to a grinding halt.


Infrastructure Of Data: A Profit Centre?

Many companies have their data infrastructure at a cost center. It should become a profit center by using the data. Companies have begun treating data as a corporate asset while managing the data locally. This enables the sharing of data about different products and customers – that provides different opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. It improves customer service and increases the retention rates of customers and clients. When using the internal data with a combination of external data. There is also a very big opportunity for all companies to invent and create different products and services. This, done with the analysis of data.


Data Beats Opinions:

Good data always beats the opinions of people. Data shows that almost anything and everything tested, improved by a considerable amount, and measured. People are inspired by the data that they analyze and try and come up with different types of ideas to help improve the company goals. From ready to use datasets you can get key insights into the user trends and public opinions of the company.

Data Is The New Oil

The Ultimate Dividend That Is Data:

There is a huge market for user data. This needed by major organizations to run an analysis of the user trend and accordingly come up with different types of content and attractive user engagement methods. Data is having an uprise like no other in modern technology. Every industry depends on data. Without data, they might just come to a standstill.

Various Usage Of Data:

Let us have a look at some of the main uses and use cases of data in modern technology.

Imaging Technology:

Imaging drones and aircraft that have advanced imaging technology built in them can transmit and store terabytes of data on an hourly basis. Data used to analyze these images and relay back accurate information to the governments that are using the technology.



Data helps healthcare professionals in designing and implementing a new method of treatment based on the patient’s history. The patient’s history uploaded onto a system and the AI and ML machine analyses and predicts and relays back the data in an accurate way to the doctors and professionals. It then stores the same information on its cloud-based servers and keeps it stored for later use until the file gets deleted.

Health Care

Data The New Renewable Resource:

Data is the new oil. Unlike oil, data is a renewable resource and can come in handy at any time for multiple reasons. With data monetized by the larger tech companies across the globe, data has come a long way in terms of improving an individual’s life.


The dark side of data should be managed. But all the advancements that data fuels are definitely worth the effort. Oil must have been the most important asset to a government. But the times are changing and this important commodity might just about have a new replacement in data.


How Is Data Helping Us?

Data surely does have its pros and cons. But keeping them aside the information that data provides has changed the relationship of humans and technology. For Example, with a large number of companies like Tesla, Baidu, and many others coming up with self-driving cars. The maps and the data required for these to drive on their own is really important for their revolution. This data helps these companies innovate ideas and technologies to help the car to predict weather changes and uses the data on the maps provided to drive carefully and responsibly. The visualization of this data is the best way that can communicate a proper story. This can help put out facts that capture the interests of humans. The world is more organized now and the standard of living has changed. It is largely due to the availability of data to the population.


Data To The Information Age Is What Oil Was To The Industrial Age:

The way products are made and the way people solve problems that arise, and how we use the data in an arguably constructive way will be the next wave of technology to come at us. Oil created possibly the most enormous amount of wealth and prosperity to the world. Data has already created the same wave and is the key focus and center of 5 most valuable brands in the world.


Data is something that is used to gain maximum benefits for different purposes. It is needed and is surely the next oil. It has the same effect as oil did for the industrial revolution in the world. With more and more companies using data to position themselves in the market, the demand for Job Data and ready to use datasets has increased considerably.



Data is a growing commodity that is required by everybody for various reasons. DataStock provides quality datasets in the format that you require. Web scraping services like PromptCloud provide quality data to different customers across the globe. Now we can surely be assured that data is the next oil and it will only improve from here. 


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