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These datasets are ideal for performing analyses, deriving insights and training machine learning algorithms.

What can you do with the data?

The applications of data are endless, but here are the notable ones.

datasets for machine learning

Machine learning training

Teaching machines to perform complex tasks demands huge amounts of data. DataStock can help you meet your Machine Learning Projects And Training requirements. 

Natural language Processing

Datasets provided by DataStock include millions of records with customer reviews and can be used to build a text corpora for Natural Language Processing.

datasets for sentiment analysis

Sentiment analyses

Sentiment Analysis helps understand the feelings, attitudes, emotions and opinions from user-generated content. DataStock is a great fit if you’re in search for data to perform Sentiment Analyses.

datasets for trendspotting

Trend spotting

With massive amounts of data at your disposal, it’s easy to perform timeline analysis and perform trend spotting for a quick peek into the future.

A one-stop shop for web data

Finding datasets doesn't have to be challenging.

DataStock is essentially a web store where you can buy datasets that are structured data sets from websites spanning across domains like Retail, Healthcare, Recruitment, Travel,  Classifieds and more. These data sets are a result of high quality web scraping, refining and structuring, which means the data you get is of top notch quality.

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Clean & structured data

One-click download

Wide industry coverage

PLug and play format

Industries covered

ecommerce data icon


Product, price, specifications, reviews and more acquired from ecommerce datasets and from retail datasets like fashion brand portals.

travel data icon


Location, reviews, ratings and more extracted from popular Travel portals across the globe.

job postings data icon


Company name, job type, description, location and more extracted from leading job portals.

health data icon


Download the profile details of doctors acquired from leading aggregator websites.


Price, menu, location, reviews, ratings and more extracted from restaurant websites.

classified ads data icon


Product, price, location and more extracted from various classifieds portals.

Pricing starts as low as $20 and comes with free datasets as well.

Browse through the datasets, no credit card required.

Hear from our customers

DataStock is one of the best sources on the web to download comprehensive datasets. We could download millions of records instantly. The process is very easy, the data is of good quality, and is fairly priced.

Aaron Cole

VP of insights, Travel aggregator

DataStock was an amazing find for us. We needed huge amount of data for our university project and datasets from DataStock were the perfect match. They offered a special 50% discount under the student’s program which was cherry on top for us.

Isabella Wright

Student, Msc. in Computer Science

The datasets that we purchased from DataStock helped us to train the NLP algorithm of our product. It was quick process overall, made the payment and had access to the dataset instantly.

Edward Wills

Data Science Lead, Fintech Startup

Are you a teacher or a student looking for datasets?

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