Data Goes Personal:

Data Storytelling is changing fast and is helping people understand the data generated in a presentable format. As we see it today has changed a lot in recent years. Basic levels of data are now generated by different people on a personal level. A lot has been said about data and how it has helped many people. It is something that will help people deliver the right content at the right time to different people.

Data getting personalized day by day has made people understand the importance of it. Ready to use datasets being used by companies and organizations daily to help their machine learning and Data Science models to improve. Data used in different cases across the world.

Data Personalization The New Normal In 2020:

In a survey conducted by Ascend2, data used by marketers to come up with new and better ways to market their products. Data is everything in this world. Used for many different purposes across platforms. It is the best way somebody uses the data provided to them in an advantageous way. Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling:

Let us take a look at what data storytelling is. Data storytelling process or method used by organizations to understand and portray the data that they collect in a very attractive way. It is the fastest way to empower teams across the organization. It provides insights in ways people cannot imagine.

Data storytelling also gives teams with respect to whatever they want while understanding the data that is being presented to them. It is the fastest way possible to empower teams across the organization which will help any layman understand the power of data collected. Data Storytelling also builds a strong culture of data-driven teams in the organizations. Data Visualization

How Data Storytelling Is Changing The Way Teams Make Decisions:

There are different sets of problems with how we see data. There are problems with how to deal and interact with the collected data as well. We expect everybody to understand and analyze the data and explore the same with minimal understanding. It should be an assumption that it will take time to acquire skills that are necessary to do this. When we take time and think about it we come to know that the way we interact with data has really changed the way we have an outlook on apps.

Data Storytelling helps people understand the data that is available to them and make it more attractive and help normal people understand the data that is available to them. Most companies force their teams to go through a lot of troubles to understand and get the story from their data. The more emphasis given on the data-driven theories. It has become the new normal for all industries and organizations.

With problems come solutions. There is an easy fix to all the problems that arise while data storytelling. Companies and organizations must give a free hand to their employees to help and make them understand the data rather than learn all the skills involved with data. Data

Data Storytelling- The Lexio Way:

Insights given so that we can come up with solutions effectively and make it better for everybody involved. Data Storytelling is the future. Organizations like Lexio connect your Google Analytics to their AI and help us get visualized data which helps us understand the different aspects of data being collected by GA.

This is where ready to use datasets given by sites like DataStock come in handy. The datasets provided used for many different purposes. It helps organizations with their AI and Machine learning techniques. It largely helps in Data Storytelling. These datasets used by companies to make a story out of the inferred data. These use case datasets that are from different time periods and historical data.

Data Storytelling Process:

This process will make you lose your mind and make you start all over again from the start. It doesn’t require you to spend multiple days to configure the same. It always has been the fastest and easiest way for everybody in the company to focus on things that matter most.

This cultural change helps organizations understand the data and take necessary actions rather than just understand the actions.

Step 1:

Understanding Your Data In English:

Data storytelling helps organizations make data into an understandable format and give suggestions on how to improve the same. It converts data into the universal language that is English. This process important because when data presented to people they have to require the context and basis of where this data is coming from. It helps to increase the knowledge base of the companies.

Step 2:

Make Better Decisions With Data:

Data Storytelling not only helps you make better decisions. It also helps improve companies’ decision-making skills. We have to be at our very best to understand the data and quickly be able to grasp it and make it our own. We have all the strengths to do so and data just is an added asset to all of this.

Step 3:

Take Action:

Data is the most important thing in the technological world right now. In our previous blogs, we talked about how super applications use data on a large scale. This will help the team leads to take action on the data received and they will be able to make decisions while consulting their team and get stronger and better in the market.


Data Storytelling is the future of data visualization. As we have stressed on this earlier in this blog that it will surely help people understand and take actions accordingly. Data is everything and ready to use datasets required in high demand to make sure that AI and ML models trained and are at top efficiency. If you ever want to get use case datasets for different analytical purposes, choose DataStock. If you liked this blog, do let us know in the section below.


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