Data is everywhere. It is what fuels Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many other things related to Deep Tech Learning and Cloud Computing. Used by different organizations that use this to position themselves effectively in the market.

Data extracted and mined from different websites of your choice. They are also available freely to the general public online. It has become an integral part of the daily life cycle of people and organizations alike.

Usage of Data By Healthcare Experts:

Data used by many health care experts and many other researchers and scientists across the globe. All use it for different purposes.  Healthcare is an important and integral part of a country‚Äôs system. Without healthcare systems in place, the world will be upside down.

Data is extensively used by researchers and scientists across the globe for analysis of various sorts. There has been considerable growth where the number of electric health records is being collected daily. All these data collected by healthcare facilities to understand human behavior and genetics. It is used to trace and seize any new type of virus or any disease that can spread through humans.


The Use Of Data in Tracing And Analysis:

Some several solutions and methods are being used by scientists and researchers alike to contain and create any new form of medicines to battle various diseases. Some are beneficial and some are not so beneficial but they are using it at extensive levels to find the same.

Data is important and it is being used by many doing their research, thesis in a specific subject field of study.

In an article in the prestigious Forbes magazine written by Bernard Merr, he states that Big Data and Data has been influential in the ongoing battle against the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic. Countries are adapting to new methodologies based on the data to fight this deadly disease.

He also goes on to mention about the advantages that the modern era has in this fight against COVID-19 as opposed to during the SARS breakout in 2003. Technology has claimed the top spot in this battle and big data and various datasets available to the general public.


Data Usage In Apps:

Super Apps such as the Arogya Setu App used in India by everybody has become the means and the social online Aadhar card for any person that is traveling in and around the city. It uses the basic functions of your mobile phone such as the Bluetooth and GPS systems to locate and tell the users whether if there is a threat nearby. The vast amount of data that the government, as well as the general public, can obtain from this is amazing.

China in its bid to contain the spread of the virus used various methods of Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to track and contain the spread of the virus. These lessons being used by countries world over to create real-time trackers and help the healthcare officials to be ready for the pandemic at any time. The Arogya Setu App uses real-time surviellence as it lets users take a small questionnaire of sorts and marks you safe or unsafe depending on the answers you feed in.


Types of Real-Time Use Of Data In Trackers:

  1. PromptCloud COVID-19 Tracker:

This tracker created by the in house web scraping and mining team at PromptCloud Technologies. The tracker uses real-time data that crawled from various websites that hold information of COVID-19 and the daily numbers that add to the ever-rising totals of countries across the globe.

Data used here to predict and scale the measure of damage this small virus has caused and disrupted the lives of millions across the globe.


  1. Bing COVID Tracker:

The Bing tracker came about in February 2020 when the Virus was starting to hit its peak in Italy.

Bing uses its search engine to drag information for this tracker. Data has influenced the world over with many trackers coming up and people using different trackers in different time zones of the world.


  1. World O Meters:

This tracker has been there since day 1 of the outbreak. It was tracking only China at the time. And it slowly expanded into this large database covering almost all the locations to where the virus has spread.

This tracker serves as a base to the public. As a means of a database to analyze and use the same amount of data to create a case study on the same.


  1. COVIDTracker.Com

This tracker was also created mid-February when the Pandemic started hitting all countries across the globe. This tracker has been up to date with the situation at hand. It updates its numbers every hour on the website. It sources all the information and numbers from various sites online that are providing data about the same.

All these trackers based on reliable data. Data has helped people achieve and see things beyond their imagination. And has helped them visualize the severity of this virus.

Healthcare professionals doing a great job using this from different websites to trace people infected. Create pathogens for the virus in record time and with the best facilities available to them and use the data to create datasets for their thesis or research.



Data is ever-changing. They have increased the way people function. It helps in Machine Learning and AI. It has helped healthcare officials in this fight in this pandemic.

Data has helped them trace and find the people with the disease. And also come up with various pathogens to counteract the same. It is what runs the world today.


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