Download job dataset from
Sample job listings dataset with more than 3K records (Original dataset on DataStock contains 4M+ job ads)

Here’s a pre-crawled sample dataset from, a popular job portal in United States.  This dataset contains details of job listings.

Examples of inferences from the analysis of this dataset include :

  • Classifying job titles based on salaries.
  • Understanding popular job profiles in various locations.
  • Help companies with outsourcing operations based on salary, sector,  location and hiring. 
  • Identifying advantageous locations, organizations and job descriptions for setting up new ventures.  

The dataset contains following fields:

To access the complete dataset containing more than 4M records, click below!

  • country: Name of the country.
  • country_code: A unique identifier assigned to every country.
  • date_added: to every date when a job listing was added to the platform
  • has_expired(always false): boolean identifier conveying status of a job opening.
  • job_board 
  • job_description: A primary field in the dataset that essentially describes a job, tasks, operations, etc. 
  • job_title
  • job_type:  The type of tasks and skills involved in the job. For example, “management”.
  • location
  • organization
  • page_url
  • salary
  • sector  
  • uniq_id