Download dataset with reviews of most and least expensive London-based hotels
Analyze the dataset with more than 27k reviews extracted in 2018

Here’s a custom-crawled dataset obtained from a leading travel site

This travel dataset contains hotel reviews and travel reviews datasets.

Examples of inferences from the analysis of this dataset are as under:

  • Identifying how words in review text are connected via network graphs.
  • Highlighting the trending topics present in the user-submitted reviews. What’s more important – location or service quality?
  • Sentiment analysis on the hotel reviews.
  • Comparing the metadata of reviews for both type of hotels.

The travel dataset contains following fields:

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  • Property Name:Datafield containing name of the hotel.
  • Rating:¬† Datafield containing ratings given by a person to the hotel, out of 5.
  • Review title:Datafield containing a short description of person’s experience in a hotel.
  • Review text:Datafield containing a long description of person’s experience in a hotel.
  • Location of reviewer:Datafield containing the location of a person.
  • Date of review:¬†Datafield containing the date on which review was submitted.¬†