Download Flipkart product listings dataset

Check out Flipkart's pre-crawled dataset with ~6 million product data

Here is a  pre-crawled sample dataset from Flipkart, a prominent Indian e-commerce giant. 

This e-commerce dataset contains product listings.

Following are some of the insights that can be obtained from analyzing this dataset:

  • Find out which product category has the best discounts
  • Perform text mining techniques on the product description to understand the frequently used words
  • How pricing has been done for different product categories
  • Find out how various products are categorized via the ‘product category tree’ field

The Flipkart dataset contains following fields:

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  • product_url: The link on the Flipkart platform to take users to a  specific product.
  • product_name: Name of the product.
  • product_category_tree : A top-down structure that generalizes where a product fits in the scheme of inventories.
  • pid: A unique identifier value that a product gets assigned. 
  • retail_price: Retal price of the product.
  •  discounted_price: Price after redeeming is discount on a product.
  • image: Image of the product.
  • is_FK_Advantage_product
  • description: A succinct summary of the product.
  • General description of a product
  • product_rating : Rating the product has collected.
  • overall_rating: The overall rating that a product has collected.
  • brand: Brand with which the product is associated. 
  • overall_product_specifications