Download job listings dataset from
Job listings dataset with 10+ data fields for 20K records

Here’s a pre-crawled sample dataset from, a popular technology-driven job board based out of United States. 

This dataset contains details of job listings.

Examples of inferences from the analysis of this data set has been mentioned below:

  • Identifying preferable job roles based on based on job description, location, pay scale, sector, etc. 
  • Getting to know in-demand skills in and finding trend for skills with time series data.
  • Training machine learning algorithm to match job description with candidate profile or resume. 
  • Identifying advantageous locations to set up new ventures, by analyzing job descriptions and organization’s requirement.  

The dataset contains following fields:

To access the complete dataset containing nearly 4M records click below!

  • country_code:A unique identifier assigned to a country in the database.
  • date_added: The date on which record was added to the database.
  • job_board:The online job portal from which data is collected.
  • job_description: A broad overview of the company, their requirements and expectations from applicants.
  • job_title:Technical designation of a job opening. 
  • job_type: Describes the nature of job opening like full-time, contractual to name a couple.
  • organization:Name of the organization.
  • page_url: contains the web link to a job opening.
  • phone_number:Contact details
  • salary:Wage information
  • sector:Domain of the job