Download Amazon toy listings dataset
Toy product dataset with more than 115k listings

Here’s a pre-crawled sample dataset from Amazon, the leading international e-commerce platform. 

This e-commerce dataset contains toy product listings.

Examples of inferences from the analysis of this data set has been mentioned below:

  • Identifying popular toys on Amazon.
  • Highlighting prominent brands in the Amazon’s toy market share.
  • Identifying which keywords perform well for user queries pertaining to toys.
  • Sentiment analysis based on reviews, brand and product ratings.

The Amazon dataset contains following fields:

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  • Name of the product
  • manufacturer: The item manufacturer, as reported on Amazon. 
  • price
  • number_available_in_stock
  • number_of_reviews
  • number_of_answered_questions: Amazon includes a Question and Answer service on all or most of its products. This field is a count of how many questions that were asked actually got answered.
  • average_review_rating
  • amazon_category_and_sub_category: A tree-based, >>-delimited categorization for the item in question.
  • customers_who_bought_this_item_also_bought: References to other items that similar users bought. This is a recommendation engine component that played a big role in making Amazon popular initially.
  • description
  • product_information
  • product_description
  • items_customers_buy_after_viewing_this_item
  • customer_questions_and_answers: A string entry with all of the product’s JSON question and answer pairs.
  • customer_reviews: A string entry with all of the product’s JSON reviews.
  • sellers:  A string entry with all of the product’s JSON seller information (many products on Amazon are sold by third parties).