Data has become a valuable enterprise asset and in the present era where businesses are constantly looking for new sources to gather more and more data to augment their business intelligence activities. Companies are collecting more data points from their customers than ever before and this data has the potential to unlock hidden opportunities for highly personalized marketing and customer experience enhancement. Often, the internal data collected by companies isn’t simply enough to meet certain big data use cases that they might have.

Buy Clean Datasets

Aggregating data might not always be feasible due to resource limitations or time constraints. This is where buying datasets becomes a great option. Businesses looking to buy clean datasets for certain applications can find pre-crawled clean datasets from various sources depending on their use case and industry. The datasets bought from DataStock used for machine learning projects and is a good source of large datasets used mainly for learning data, data science, and deep learning. DataStock is a good source of large datasets for training data science models and machine learning models.  

Enter DataStock

DataStock is a repository for pre-crawled datasets from PromptCloud’s custom web scraping services made available at nominal prices. The data is extracted for various custom projects and are comprehensive and well-structured. It is essentially a web store where you can buy structured data sets from websites spanning across domains like Retail, Recruitment, Travel, and Classifieds.

Applications of datasets from DataStock

Keeping up with the trends in your industry can be tough if you don’t have the right datasets. Since all businesses are now proactively looking to buy datasets to add value to their big data projects, it’s high time to acquire the right datasets for your company. DataStock can equip companies with the right data for various business use cases. Here are some of the popular applications:

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis aims to derive the human emotion behind heaps of texts found on the web. By analyzing reviews and social media posts datasets, you can easily understand the customer sentiment towards your brand or product.

Training machine learning models

Machine learning models need large amounts of data to achieve an acceptable level of performance. You can buy datasets on DataStock to train your machine learning model.

Building text corpora for NLP

If you are looking to buy clean and structured datasets to build text corpora for natural language processing (NLP), the datasets on DataStock are a great fit for this. You can download datasets containing user-generated content for NLP use cases.

Historical trend mapping and predictive analysis

Since DataStock has a wide variety of datasets from different periods, you can use them to perform a historical trend mapping and correlate the result with insights from additional analyses to predict future trends.

Ready to buy clean datasets from DataStock? You can choose datasets from industries like retail, travel, job, healthcare, restaurant, and classified.